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cacti & wmi (windows statistics)


after a few hours of searching and testen i’ve got it working!  Cacti can now shows disk io of our windows 2008 servers!

Here is how i did it:

  • wmi-client
  • libwmiclient1
    download them and install at http://www.orvant.com/packages/ (go to bottom)
  • cacti wmi plugin, download the wmi.php and put it in your cacti/scripts/ folder.
    Make sure the webserver you are running can read the file!
  • cacti wmi templates
    Import this file(s) in the webinterface.
    I only imported the ‘all’ template (cacti_host_template_wmi_-_all.xml)
  • create a file password file (credentials used for connecting to the windows server):
    the contents must be in this format:

  • now create a new graph for your device with the (i assume you know how to do this!)
  • select a graph with “(wmi)” behind it.
  • tada!
    i’ve selected the disk io meter:
  • if you want more information, you’ll have to go and see on the cacti forum.
    good luck !